Nintendo Wii U Chip

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Nintendo Wii U Chip

Similar to the other mod chips, the Wiikey is also installed into the Wii U console drive by quicksoldering or through the six wires. A setup disc downloadable from the chip’s website can be used to update the Wiikey mod chip. On the other hand, there are tools that you have to use to open the console. These tools include a small prying tool, small Phillips head screwdriver and a tri-wing driver.

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WiiKey Wii U Mod Chip

And because the Wiikey has become increasingly popular, there were clones produced and are available out on the market. But these cloned Wiikeys will not be able to download the official software updates, according to the manufacturer of Wiikey mod chips. Regardless, these clones function exactly the same as the original although the way these were built might be substandard. At the same time, these are not supported by WiiKey. If you would like to get a genuine Wiikey mod chip you need to purchase these from real Wiikey vendors that you can find on the Wiikey site.

If you have any doubts as to whether the Wiikey mod chip will work with the Nintendo Wii online then the answer is yes it will work with the Nintendo WiiU mod chip. The Wiikey mod chip should also work with Nintendi Wii Online games because the Wiikey does not change the Wii firmware. What it does instead is modify the DVD drive responses which are sent to the motherboard for discs authenticity. Lastly, there is no need for you to get upgrades after you chip the system.

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wiiu mod-chipsA modchip (modification chip) is a mini electronic device that surpasses built-in restrictions and other limitations places on computers, particularly videogame consoles, hence the name. It easily modifies the functions of the host system. It touches areas including region coding, copy protection checks, and digital rights management for the system to be able to run software that was initially developers for another system or market, homebrew software, or copied game media.

Modchips are designed to be compatible with CD/DVD-based videogame systems. They are quite popular because of the easy availability and affordability of these user-writable media. You can easily buy blank CD or DVDs at various stores now. Moreover, modchips are also capable of passing the hurdles placed by user operation prohibitions and region code enforcement.

Nintendo Wii U game backupsAs the PlayStation system rose to popularity, modchips also did the same. It also happened together with the increasing popularity of CD writers. Modchips were primarily made to enable gaming systems to play copied or imported game data.

Now, modchips are quite common as they are used in almost all console systems. They are even available in variations. As they are marketed as modem modchips, they can now do more than just go around copy protection mechanisms and regional lockouts. They may already have the ability to enable the use of homebrew software, installing an alternate OS for changing the purpose of the host system, or increasing the hardware capabilities of the host system to accommodate more.


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